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Money Not Earned, is Money Lost Forever

You are losing money if your customers cannot find you oneline. Think about all those opportunities, growth, deals, interaction, customer loyalty, credibility, sales, that were missed because potential customers could not locate you online.

Marketing Copy

Marketing copy written to sell and promote products, not this type of text so often found on websites, "We started this business in 1965 after which our sons took over in 1990." The copy is optimised to get the relevant marketing phrases indexed in search engines.

Contact Form

A contact form on the front page that delivers an email into your inbox.

    This is the scenario:
  • Someone fills in this contact form.
  • It arrives in your email inbox within minutes.
  • Within an hour, you contact this person by phone.
  • You now have a very impressed potential customer.
  • You might not have sold anything yet, but you have someone that is motivated to listen.

Contact Details

Your contact details right above the contact form. The whole point of the website is that potential customers must get into contact with you, so that you can deliver a product or service.

Responsive Design

The page is designed to work on mobile devices smart phones, tablets and desktop computers. In computer jargon, this is called responsive design.

Search Engine Optimisation

Getting your products and services into the search engines of Google and Bing requires that headline and copy containing selected key phrases are optimally placed on a page. The page is submitted to Google using their Webmaster Tools.

Measuring Success

In order to test and quantify whether something works or not, measurements are required. In terms of websites, Google Analytics is a tool that shows you in detail who visited your site and what they were the searching for. (A free Google account is required.)

Domain Name Excluded

The only thing that is excluded is the domain registration the address that you can type in order to go directly to a website. Most businesses in South Africa have a domain (website address) that ends in .co.za. At present that cost is R108 per year.

Location on Google Maps

If you have a shop or office that customers need to find a small map will be placed on the page showing the location of your premises. The service used is Google Maps. We will undertake the first part of placing your business on Google maps. The second part requires a verification that we cannot complete on your behalf. Of course we will be happy to assist you with this process. (A free Google account is required.)

Entry into the Internet

Our intention is that this page will be your entry to the Internet and the start of a long relationship with us. Rand-A-Day is dedicated to making this page work, so that you will say, "Great, look at all these responses I got, can I get more pages for all our products?" That is why this page is designed to be a structure where additional pages can be added at short notice and with a minimum cost involved.

Google Adsense Ready

The structure of the page is Adsense ready which means we can tailor the website easily in order to advertise on Google. Adsense is the Google advertising service on the Internet (those little ads you see when searching.) There are a billion websites all competing for the top ten places on a Google search page. The reality is that the only way to get to the first page on a Google search is through advertising. With a view to the future where you will want to utilise Google Adsense, we use a structure and copy that is ready for it.

Visual Storytelling

Visual storytelling Very few people like to read lots of text and would rather visually scan web pages for whatever they are looking for. This is why we try to use visual iconic images where possible, with short paragraphs of text. Yes, our design does not look like the websites designed to awe and inspire visitors, but they do not look bad either. This layout is proven to work, and it works on multiple levels (responsive, search engine optimised, fast, structured, secure, adaptable.)

Results vs Asthetics

From a business viewpoint, you could do either of the following:

  1. Spend the budget on a website designed to awe and inspire while having very few visitors and even fewer enquiries.
  2. Spend the initial budget on getting the right information to your customers and prospects as part of a sales process. We prefer the second option.

Not a CMS

This is not a site where you can add information yourself Except in rare occasions beyond our control, we will publish new information sent to us within a day.

Allocation of cost

The price you pay for a single page website is R365 a year, or a Rand-A-Day. This is an hour of labour (R200) and the rest to cover the cost of hosting the site. (The domain registration is excluded.) Yes, we will make a loss since it will take many hours plus a meeting or two before your page is on the Internet. But we view this as a first step, where we will add many pages and help you to market your products or services on the Internet.